Tinkering Ink

About Britt

Q: What do you like most about doing custom work for people?

A: Everyone is different! Creating a custom piece for someone lets you get to know a fraction of their personality. I love seeing what different people are interested in and learning overtime that everyone is unique.

Q: Where are you from?

A: I was born and raised in Soldotna, Alaska. I spent 6 years away in Colorado and Washington where I got my Cosmetology license and CNA license. My husband and I moved home after having our son and wishing to be near family again.

Q: Wait.. Cosmetology and CNA?

A: I feel like cosmetology and color theory was just the beginning.. the stepping stone.. to where I am now. I love slapping on some crazy colors and seeing where it goes. Screen Printing really isn't that different! Getting my CNA license made me love people even more. Everyone is different.. embrace it.

Q: So how does the printing process work?

A: It all starts with an idea. That idea turns into a film which then gets burned onto a screen. That screen gets put into my press (that my loving husband made me) and then it's time to start slinging ink! The shirt gets put onto the platen, ink pulled through the screen with a squeegee, and the shirt goes off to the dryer. And we are left with wonderful.